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Maritime Affairs

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Maritime Affairs

(Summary description)Through wireless data transmission link, the drone with different mission payloads can transmit the site information not only to the information processing and analysis system on the ground station th

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  • Time of issue:2018-01-12 15:17
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Through wireless data transmission link, the drone with different mission payloads can transmit the site information not only to the information processing and analysis system on the ground station that can forward the target information to the command center simultaneously, but also to the nearby cruise ships for quick response to the tasks. By dynamic surveillance and real time tracing on the maritime emergencies, ocean disaster and change of maritime environment, it offers real time field data for marine forecasters to make rapid alert, providing a scientific decision basis and solution for the maritime management department.

Regular patrol ships have disadvantages of low speed, narrow view, long patrol intervals and big limitation to natural conditions. Manned patrol aircrafts are influenced by the restriction of air traffic control with high use cost. However, the drone for maritime patrol features for low purchasing cost, low ground support requirements, strong maneuverability and no personnel security risks. More importantly, it offers a broad view, fast reaction and high work efficiency. The sea, the land and the air trinity comprehensive coverage can be realized when cooperated with Vessel Traffic System( VTS), patrol boats and law enforcement vessels, pushing the maritime static supervision gradually to the three dimensional supervision mode with dynamic static integration.


During the sea work process, the drone is vulnerable to heavy weather, sea winds and waves, which requires the aircrafts to remain strong wind tolerance, good stability and long flight time for large surveillance areas. Keweitai drones fully satisfy the above features.

1.Maritime law enforcement

Maneuver: make full use of the drone wide view to improve the ground troops fast response and synergy ability, strengthen the emergency security and to fast response and deal with all kinds of burst accidents.

Border anti-smuggling: the drone added with thermal infrared camera and speaker with light alarming unit for night surveillance is able to differentiate goods with temperature by color within field vision. By the way, propaganda with light alarming is effective to frighten and strike night smuggling.

Daily patrol: low speed sea patrol boats are unable to observe the unidentified vessels beyond the visual range. However, the drone with HD zoom camera can enlarge the surveillance range.

Security control: the drone for aerial photography with computer operation analysis can make statistics and analysis of water traffic flow, carry out safety index law, formulate a plan and offer scientific analysis for special research.

Investigation and evidence collection: the drone mounted with camera device make fast response to maritime accident by real time transmitting the site conditions to command center, which is convenient for commanders to learn about the situation timely. By the way, the images and videos from the drone can be used to record and preserve the evidence, avoiding the ship escaping, greatly convenient for investigation and settlement.

2.Maritime research and rescue

Ship rescue: use the aircraft or drone to arrive at the field quickly, search above the target area at low flight speed, detect the target and timely notice the command center through airborne mission device, so that for decision making and greatly improve successful rescue rate.

Material delivery: use the drone to release foods, small life floats, GPS buoy and so on.

Accident position: use the drone position system to confirm accident place for fast response and timely rescue.

Rope passing: use the drone that takes off on the boat deck to carry and release the rope to accident boat.

3.Marine environment surveillance

Spilled oil monitoring: cooperate with the sea patrol boats to make surveillance on the oil field work boats by using the drone to gather evidence of the spilled oil and chemical accidents. According to the task equipments like sensor and so on, the drone enables to monitor the sea pollution drift and diffusion situation, locate the sudden oil spill, and to estimate the oil spill area and drift path.

Emergency action: after oil spill and chemical accident, the drone can arrive at the accident scene at regular time and real time transmit the field scene to the command center.

Emission monitoring: through irregular night inspection to restrain night concealed emission.

Animal protection: irregular patrol on the protection sea for timely detection of stealing and poaching behavior.

Red tide monitoring and analysis: locate red tide area and ration red tide area

4.Beacon inspection

Beacon inspection: make regular monitoring on beacon to check whether there exist any damage, dirt cover, boats hanging on and so on.

Lighthouse ice supply: the drone carries battery, life goods and so on to lighthouse for accurate delivery.

5.Aerial photography surveying

Marine engineering mapping: use the tilt camera added to the drone to take pictures of the ground and water surface. Process, disposes and analysis of the acquired image information to extract the target spatial position and related information.

Route plan: use the drone for aerial photography surveying and scientific route plan.

scientific investigation: offer more possibility for marine scientific search personnel to make marine operation.

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